Taxi Advertising

Out of Home Advertising is a great opportunity to promote your target audience whilst they are transporting themselves from one location to another. Citrans Advertising has been established with the sole aim to give your brand maximum exposure via our fleet of 400 distinctive Red Cabs plying the streets of Lagos.

Why Taxi Advertising?
Taxi advertising is the fastest growing traditional medium in the metropolis.
Everyone who leaves their home is exposed to Taxi advertising!
People spend the bulk of their time out of home.
Unlike other media you don't have to tune in, turn it on, dial up or turn the page to see it, it's just there for free making it "Unavoidable".
Taxi Advertising has been also known as the "Third space" which is the time we spend Out-of-Home and Out-of-Office.

Mobile Vehicle Advertising
Mobile vehicles are designed to target an exact audience on the move. We can specifically target an exact group at events or locations where you have decided to target. This form of media is an amazing way to place your brand or campaign directly to the audience where many other formats could simply not reach.
Many advertisers have found this form of media enables them to strategically target a time specific campaign be it night (backlit) or day, there is no time or space this medium cannot be in.
Cost per view is extremely competitive with this media. If you required a specific area, such as Lekki Phase 1 or Ikeja industrial district for example, you would pay a very high premium for traditional media over that period. This media would provide the opportunity to simply drive around this location capturing all audiences and deliver a fantastic, cost effective solution.

Taxi Advertising
Taxi advertising uses the distinctive Red Cab to communicate with your audience on a very personal level, they dominate Lagos streets, transporting your message across the city and into the minds of the consumer. They offer the ability for brands to influence a consumer in a thorough, trustworthy and hugely recognisable medium. Spending most of their time on-the-go, they target mass volumes of consumers with exterior branding whilst getting up close and personal with valuable ABC1 audiences inside the cab.
You can't fail to notice branded taxis, no matter where your location and with bespoke campaigns you can narrow down your target locations; for example Victoria Island, Ikeja, Surelere or Ikoyi – total campaign flexibility paired with an unrivalled captivating ability means taxi advertising is a must for many Taxi campaigns.

Products & Services for Taxi Advertising
Utilising the distinctive Red Cabs, this form of Taxi advertising has great impact and with the opportunity to use a vibrant, eye-catching design it can really make a brand stand out from the crowd. Taxi advertising is also far more than just another form of out of home. Branded taxi's can be used as part of a PR tool and can be booked exclusively for corporate events. Another interesting tool of branded cabs are the drivers themselves. They can become brand ambassadors and can distribute marketing and promotional materials to their passengers.

Covers the entire side of the taxi, a happy medium of impact and cost.

Full Liveries
Fully branded cabs are the premium product in Taxi advertising, perfect for Long term campaigns.

Taxi Roof Top
Clear, printed, illuminated panels fixed to the roof of the taxi, perfect for high reach, high frequency inescapable viewing.

Tip seats
Communicate directly with passengers in the taxi – sell your brand to a captive audience.

Back windows
Target a vehicular audience directly in a captivating way.

Leaflet Dispenser
Give passengers more in depth information to take away about your brand.

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