Call Center Management

- Remote switchboard / reception
- Telephone Answering Service
- Disaster recovery / BCP
- Absence cover
- Customer service lines
- Outsourced call centre

Remote switchboard / reception

24 Hour Call Handling Service. Never Miss A Call With A Remote Switchboard
Remote switchboard/reception service is a 24 hour call handling service, where Citrans acts as your remote receptionist / switchboard operator. The service can support an existing team, diverting all calls they cannot answer through to our Citrans call centre call operators, or as a stand alone system, taking every call your business receives. Citrans call centre operators will take calls on behalf of your employees, take a message and email it directly to the recipient – no communication is missed.
Citrans call centre's reception & switchboard service is ideal for companies that want a consistent image communicated to their clients and want to manage all incoming calls through one number. Our operators would answer all your calls professionally, as if they are an employee based in your office, then transfer the caller directly to the required recipient. We ensure calls get through to the right person every time and are able to eliminate time wasters by only transferring calls you specify.
Typical companies that would benefit from this type of service are professional services firms including recruitment agencies, who benefit from the cost savings it generates for them over the alternative of employing staff in house and the guarantee that no important calls are lost.
5 key benefits of using Citrans call centre's remote switchboard & reception are:
Never miss a business opportunity, all calls are answered and either transferred or messages taken.
Reduce support staff employment expenditure by enabling a flexible team extension when needed.
Maintain high levels of customer service and client satisfaction by always responding to enquiries quickly and professionally.
Promote a professional brand image through consistent call answering.
Eliminate time wasters by allowing our operators to only transfer required calls.
For more information about Citrans call centre's remote switchboard & reception please call +2347000733222.

Telephone Answering Service
Companies can benefit from Citrans call centre's seamless and high quality telephone answering service.
Using telephone answering services would be ideal for companies who cannot handle the volume of incoming calls they receive, as well as businesses whose time would be better spent working on core business activities rather than answering or directing calls.
Every call which is made to your company is answered in a professional and friendly manner by our team of trained receptionists. Calls are directed to prescribed numbers where appropriate or messages are taken if required, enabling you to maintain a high level of customer service which is sure to impress your clients. The service is flexible and will be tailored to however your business would benefit best.
Calls will be answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ensuring you never miss a business opportunity.
Using call answering services furthermore eradicates the need to hire extra staff or temporary staff to cover phones in the event of absences within the company, demonstrating the practical and cost effective nature of Citrans call centre's telephone answering services.
For more information about Citrans call centre's telephone answering service, please call +2347000733222 or complete the attached form on the contact us page to find out how your business could benefit from having all of your calls managed and professionally handled.

Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity Plan
Companies are expected to be responsive to client needs and accessible by phone or email at all times, day and night. In the event of a disaster, the necessity for consistent levels of communication is vital. Whether the disaster be in terms of a disruption to business continuity, damage to power cables, or a catastrophe such as a fire, communication is paramount to maintain business practice or to provide reassurance and security to a concerned stakeholder group.
To ensure levels of communication are never threatened, Citrans call centre can act as security against any system failure and/ or the loss of your phone lines. Should your operations be hindered, Citrans call centre can instantly take over your calls, seamlessly diverting your phones to central operations and answering your calls at our disaster recovery call centre as though they are based in your offices. Your clients will never know that you have a system failure and in the event of a catastrophe they will be reassured by your continued communication.
All organisations can benefit from a disaster recovery call handling plan to ensure continued communicability. Citrans call centre's BCP will target organisations that have a duty of care to their stakeholders and big businesses who understand the loss of business that can result from even just a few hours of telephone line failure.
6 key benefits of using Citrans call centre's disaster recovery service:

Maintain daily business communication and continuity in a telephone line failure
Never miss a client call or new opportunity, even in a system failure
Avoid brand and image damage due to being incommunicable and frustrating clients
Ensure compliance with industry requirements for business continuity planning
The peace of mind that your clients are unaware of any issues at your company
Increase levels of service by being available to clients at all times
For more information about Citrans call centre's disaster recovery service please call +2347000733222 or complete the enquiry form on the Contact Us page.

Absence Cover
Answer All Out Of Hours Calls With A 24 Hour Absence & Overflow Call Cover Service
There are times that every organisation will need an extra pair of hands: when the office is unattended, when staff have meetings, when lines are overloaded with calls, when there are not enough staff to handle calls or outside your normal business hours. Additionally in today's service led economy no company can afford to simply operate between the hours of 9am to 5pm and retain its competitiveness.
Citrans call centre can help any company manage high call capacities and prolong its hours of availability by extending its workforce remotely and answering any calls that are not captured internally. When the offices are closed or when calls are not answered during the day, due to absence or high capacity, the phone will seamlessly divert to the outsourced call centre at Citrans call centre, where a professional operator will manage all the calls and take a message. There is no need for an impersonal answer machine. All messages will be waiting in the recipient inbox, in the morning or on return, for call backs. Should the call be urgent or require a response, the call will be immediately transferred (or agreed escalation procedure).
HR issues, staffing costs, international clients and the ever expanding hours of work make Citrans call centre's holiday/ sickness/ overflow/ out of hours cover service indispensable to any company with a strong customer focus and a desire to stay ahead of its competitors.
5 key benefits of using Citrans call centre's holiday/ sickness/ overflow/ out of hours cover are:

No calls or opportunities are lost even during public holidays or outside office hours.
Cost effective, flexible support, activated through a simple phone divert as and when needed.
A strong reputation for responsiveness and 24 hour client support.
Cost effective, ad-hoc support, reducing the need for 'temp' workers and costly employment.
Improved customer service: calls never go unanswered and callers receive a seamless service.

Customer service lines
Good customer service is the key to any successful business as customers need to be valued and nurtured in order not to be tempted by the competition. An integral part of customer retention is in the care and service you offer, particularly your availability and communicability on a daily basis. Today's consumer expects around the clock customer care. Citrans call centre can support any customer service team by increasing its number and ensuring no service calls are left unanswered round the clock and throughout the year.
With Citrans call centre no customer of yours will be frustrated by an engaged tone, an answer machine, an automated message, on hold music or worst of all, no response at all. All calls would be answered by a professional and personable operator communicating as though based in your offices. Call centre outsourcing means Citrans call centre can answer customer service calls, dealing directly with issues and bringing calls to a resolution without having to directly involve a member of your busy team.
All our operators are trained in interpersonal communication skills and so are able to deal with any customer enquiry, respectfully and effectively.
4 key benefits of using Citrans call centre's customer service lines are:

Increased customer satisfaction as questions and queries are always answered
Improved levels of customer retention as issues and problems are dealt with quickly and efficiently
Improved issue resolution as the team has greater capacity and issues are not exacerbated by long on hold times
Greater customer acquisition potential as staff are free to concentrate on new opportunities
For more information about Citrans call centre's customer service lines please call us on +2347000733222

Outsourced Call Centre
In this highly competitive market place, no company can afford to miss a business opportunity. Employing an outsourced call centre such as Citrans call centre, will increase your professionalism and consistency of service to important clients and valuable contacts. Additionally, using an outsourced call centre offers you the support and vital reassurance that you will never miss a message or business opportunity again.
An outsourced call centre such as Citrans call centre, works by answering every incoming call your company receives or those you simply cannot manage. A friendly, experienced and professional call operator will attend to the caller or take a message and email it directly to the intended recipient.
Citrans call centre will respond to calls based on your company's specific requirements and will terminate any calls from callers who you do not want to talk to professionally and sensitively. This ensures that your time is spent on more pressing business activities rather than answering and directing calls, enabling higher client retention as well as opening up more opportunities and attracting new clients.
Citrans call centre's 24 hour response lines can be used to support your marketing and advertising needs. Citrans call centre can provide a dedicated phone number which contacts can call to request information, seek clarification and attend to general enquiries. Their details are stored for your future use and any bookings or orders can be dealt with straight away, promoting your company as responsive and an efficient business to deal with.
Citrans call centre can also make outgoing calls to your client list should you decide to conduct surveys or questionnaires as part of your marketing activity and as an outsourced call centre company. This once again provides greater customer satisfaction, consistency and a valuable company image, which are all vital traits to any successful company.