Asset Tracking

We can track and manage the performance of both your mobile and stationery assets. You can now enjoy total visibility of your assets (vehicles, Generators etc).
In managing your fleet, you will enjoy reduced travel time, mileage and vehicle running costs. This will translate to increased productivity, efficiency in your business and visible cost savings.

Features of Vehicle Tracking
- Web based – no IT investment needed
- View current position and status of driver and vehicles via gps satellites
- Accurate journey histories
- Easily identify the nearest vehicle to a location
- Automated timesheets for each employee
- Monitor excessive speeding
- Record out of hours/unauthorised vehicle use
- Geofencing allowing management of territories
- Alerts – customised and sent by email or text message
- Reports – tailored and emailed to your inbox
- Access using a web browser or on a phone/mobile device

Benefits of Vehicle Tracking
Real-time visibility of your mobile workforce
Reduce fuel costs, mileage and emissions
Increase control of overtime costs
Boost productivity and workforce utilisation
Increase customer satisfaction through improved communication and proactive management
Obtain detailed insight to help drive your business forward efficiently

CITRANS – A Vehicle Tracking Solution tailored to your needs
We're committed to providing cost-effective GPRS/GPS vehicle tracking solutions that demonstrate high return on investment. The beauty of our vehicle tracking solution is that it can be easily tailored to your specific needs without the expense of creating a completely bespoke solution.

Live GPS Tracking on your laptop/Android/IOS
Even when you're out on the road you can stay in control. All you need is a web-enabled device and you can view the exact movements through real-time gps tracking of your entire mobile workforce with minute-by-minute updates. You can monitor individual vehicles. This fantastic feature is essential for close monitoring of your assets.

Vehicle Tracking Reports
Using vehicle tracking reports, your data is consolidated into powerful management information reports – generated weekly, monthly or whenever suits your soon to be commercial vehicle tracking business best. Allowing you to make informed management decisions and ensure you realise a high return on your investment.
Reports are customized to meet your requirements e.g. driver time sheets, time spent at specific locations, mileage reports etc.

Vehicle Tracking Alerts
Vehicle Tracking alerts can be established to let you know via text or email when your vehicles or workforce show unexpected or unplanned activity.
You can be informed when vehicles move into or out of a pre-defined area. This not only helps you increase the security of your assets, It also assists you in maintaining your duty of care as an employer by warning you of dangerous operating occurrences or drivers exceeding their time limits. By being alerted to these situations you can take immediate control.

Engine Management – monitor driving styles
It's never been more important to keep an eye on every Naira spent in your business. By linking to CITRANS device to your vehicle, information about your driver's behaviour such as acceleration, braking and engine idling are captured and can be provided in customized reports.
This solution identifies opportunities for improvement and helps you take a proactive approach to lowering your fuel costs and encouraging safer and more responsible driving habits.

Fuel Tank Monitoring for passenger vehicles
With the aid of our FM tracking device fuel tank, fuel level can be monitored on our fleet tracking software platform using LLS sensor probe which is able to give accurate fuel level display HGVs (Heavy goods vehicles), LGVs (Light goods vehicles)

Tachograph Interface – Connects to your vehicles' tachographs
The tacho interface generates highly detailed data on the exact movements of any vehicle and driver. This powerful tool is connected directly to a vehicle's digital or analog tachograph and provides key information in real-time, such as working time, driving time, waiting time and rest times as well as periods of availability.
This data is integrated directly into your tracking solution and is managed through your secure web-portal. Data captured by the tacho interface can be integrated with other vehicle information, like location and speed, which means you can adhere to driving time restrictions, identify high risk areas and manage resources more effectively. The result is an in-depth 360 degree view of your workforce 24 hours a day.

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